Pootafdruk Anatomy


1. Nose2. Nose bridge3. Stop
4. Forehead5. Crown6. Occipital crest
7. Nape (scruff)8. Ear9. Eye
10. Forface (muzzle)11. Cheek12. Lips
13. Corner of the mouth14. Throat (no dewlap)15. Neck
16. Ruff17. Withers (Shoulder)18. Forechest (breast)
19. Shoulder20. Upperarm21. Elbow
22. Lower arm23. Fetlock (wrist)24. Pastern
25. Forefoot (fore-paw)26. Foot pads27. Back
28. Loin29. Croup30. Base of tail
31.Tail32. Plume33. Breast (chest)
34. Flank35. Shank (upper shank)36. Knee (stifle)
37. Lower shank38. Hock joint39. Rear pastern
40. Hind foot41. Belly42. Feathers
43. Pantaloon