Pootafdruk About us

Let me be your guide through the fascinating world of the Slovenský Čuvač, a remarkable breed that crossed our path in 2001.

In that very difficult year we had to put to sleep our last Collie, she was 13 years old. We really tried to live without dogs, but soon we came to the conclusion that this was and is impossible for us. It's very simple you know: we adore dogs and we can't live without them.

A new, very exciting task laid before us: the search for the most suitable breed. We both love large breeds with a kind of spicy character. When we saw the Slovenský Čuvač for the first time, it felt like being struck by lightning: beautiful, boundless faithful and very brave. Don't let their impressive appearance fool you: they like to cuddle and hug like teddy bears!

The summer of 2001 brought us our first Čuvač , a dog named Taran and two years later we bought a bitch named 'Cita'. A wonderful couple, you can imagine ... In 2010 Arko increased the family.

Living together with those white bears makes every day a real delight. We enjoy their presence and we would like to share our happiness with you. That's the reason why we created this website.

Enjoy but don't be shy. Don't hesitate when you have a question, a remark, anything ...

Contact us, we will be more than happy to help you!